How To Prime Your Mind For Success

Learn how your mindset influences your habits and gain a few easy tricks to set yourself up for success. 

It’s easy to see what I value. Take a look at my life and you will see the people, places and things that are important to me. Listen to how I speak, what I write and with whom I spend time. That evidence makes it clear. When I need (want) to make a change, I must examine what I value and if necessary, change my mind about the value of what I’m doing.

My mindset determines everything. It is in my mind that I create the perseverance to finish a half marathon. When my body is tired, it is my mind that tells me to keep going and it is my mind that often quits long before my body will. When my mind stops pushing forward, my body follows. I think most of us are like that.

Habits are merely patterns that we’ve created over time that are most often in our comfort level. When we receive an outcome that we don’t desire, we often don’t look for a pattern that created it, but we often look for a remedy to change the outcome. When it comes to success, I have to identify what success looks like (and feels like) for me. How do I want to live my life? What do I want to achieve? What impact do I want to make with the people who mean the most to me? Is my success attached to a dollar value? Is my success attached to a specific outcome? When I have a firm answer, I will be able to see more clearly how to move forward.

Here are some ideas I’ve used to set myself up for success: 

1. Get a clear vision of what I want. Is it to complete a full marathon? Is it to lose a certain amount of weight? Is it to write a book?

2. Get a clear vision of who I want to be. What is the expression I want to have with others? What message do I want others to receive having been in my presence? How do I want others to feel when they are with me?

3. Get a clear vision of what the short successes look like.

4. Get a clear vision of what long-term success looks like.

5. What patterns do I currently have that are taking me away from who I want to be?

Once I’ve answered these questions, I can make a plan that will equal success. I can make small changes in the patterns I currently have, to get me to the success that holds value for me.



Kari Penner is a Certified Life Coach, Counselor, and Maximized Living Chiropractic Assistant in Winnipeg, Canada. Kari has spent most of the past decade studying Wellness, Nutrition, Toxicity, and has been a professional Life Coach since 2001. She is passionate about seeing people transform their lives by implementing The 5 Essentials. She has been an office manager and CA with Maximized Living since 2007.